EFT -- Emotional Freedom Technique

By tapping on specific acupressure points, traumas, pain, painful memories, bad habits, fears, anger, anxiety, painful emotions can be a thing of the past. Very easy to learn. Nice to work on yourself, between appointments but always, important to work with a therapist because it is hard to find the core issue to the problem without trained help. EFT allows us to release and transform the way uncomfortable feelings like hurt, guilt, fear, or anger may be affecting our experiences in life. EFT can also be used to help transform the thoughts and beliefs behind our emotional experiences. After just a few rounds of tapping, people often report feeling lighter and calmer and able to breathe more easily -- almost as if they now have more space inside. They may report that their thinking has changed, they have gained new insights or they are feeling better, over all. I have seen upon numerous occasions, clients will be crying about an issue and we decide to tap on these specific acupressure points. By the end of one round, they are completely composed and say, "well, I don't think that was the problem, I think the problem is 'this''. (That is how quickly the body has released the problem from the meridians.)  We then tap upon the next issue that has popped up and again, they will say, "no, that isn't really the problem, it's' this'." By and by, we tap away each problem as they come up, like clearing a forest path, one tree at a time, until things have released and every thing is clear and relief and clarity is felt.