Ionic Foot Bath

A gentle detoxifying water foot bath system that pulls unwanted toxins out of the body by a bio energetic ionic exchange. Positive, and negative ions surge through the body and impurities in the body are attracted to either the negative, or positive ions. They are pulled through the lymphatic, the blood stream, and get extracted from the body by osmotic pressure at the soles of the feet. 

The colour and consistency of the water in which your feet have been soaking, shows the result of pollutants being removed from your body’s systems.

Bioenergetics is important because the amount of energy a person has will contribute to the body’s capacity to eliminate, digest, sleep, move, and feel vitally alive and well.

Daily our bodies are assaulted by a constant bombardment of pollutants from the environment.

Reasons to Detoxify

* Help your body get rid of toxins

* Remove heavy metals and chemicals from your body

* Decrease recovery time from illness or injury

* Boost your bodies own natural defenses

* Enhance nutrient absorption

* Increase oxygen absorption

* Help to relieve pain and tension

* Help to relieve chronic fatigue

* Increase energy

* Improve sleep